Article in the german magazine “Spiegel”:

Greece-Turkey: Border police chase refugees in minefield

The treatment of refugees on the border between Greece and Turkey shocks German policemen. The policemen who are engaged there in the European Frontex unit, report to information from SPIEGEL shootings and inhumane detention centers.

Hamburg – The treatment of refugees on the Greek-Turkish border touches even hard-boiled German policemen who are deployed there in the European police force Frontex. People would be prevented with physical force from crossing the border, German officials report to SPIEGEL information; some of them were chased away by gunfire while hunting them in an area with anti-tank mines. Detainees were transported in dilapidated vans with no seats and windows to the reception centers, where they were housed and interrogated under inhumane conditions. The sanitary conditions there were so bad that officials wore masks and gloves. Since methods and conditions were contrary to German law, the responsible officer has already directed his men not to participate any longer in certain missions. At the end of November, federal interior ministry officials flew to Greece in order to get a picture of the conditions. “Germany watches the development with concern and Greece has been asked to improve the situation of refugees,” said a spokesman of the Ministry

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