Evros: Three immigrants froze to death, two drowned during Frontex Rabit-Operation

Friday, 17.12.2010: The dead bodies of two sans-papiers immigrants who tried to cross the greco-turkish border were discovered near Nea Vissa village. The two men from Africa froze to death, while a third one was found almost dead and transfered to the Didymoteicho hospital. Nea Vissa is close to the city of Orestiada, were Frontex headquarters are located.

Update I (20.12.2010): Another immigrant that has frozen to death was discovered in the Nea Vissa region. He was between 25 and 30 years old, from Africa.

Update II (7.1.2010):Two more immigrants were found dead in the Evros region. They probably drowned, trying to cross Evros river.

Frontex: Blood on your hands, now also in Evros region. In the end, not really surprising… Oh, you are just a coordinator?! What do you guys in Warsaw and at the border think, whose cameras and patrols forced the dead to hide themselves so long and so far from urban terrain that they froze to death?

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