june 2013: Frontex deportation charter Brussels-Congo

report Frontex deportation charter from Brussels to Congo Kinshasa on 16 june 2013
34 congolese from Belgium (20), Ireland (10), Germany (1) and France (3) flew to Kinshasa with a civil Beech 1900 plane from the military Airport Melsbroek/Brussels. One of the deportee was a pregnant woman and some others were political opposition members
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March 2013: FrontExit campaign launch


Following the first two launches of the campaign FRONTEXIT in Nouakchott (Mauritiania) and Brussels (Belgium) on 20 March 2013, the World Social Forum hosted on March 28 2013 in Tunis, the third launch of the campaign supported by many organisations of human rights defense of the North and South of the Mediterranean.These organisations are calling on FRONTEX, the EU border agency, to be transparent and accountable in its management of Europe’s external borders. Most importantly, they demand that the rights of migrants are respected at the borders.
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November 2012: Transborder Map including Frontex operations

About the Map of Resistance against the European border regime

transborder map banner

In November 2012 an English-French poster called „Transborder Map“ appeared, first online at noborder.org, in the meanwhile also in a printed version. Against the background of a geographical map of Europe, it shows initiatives and projects (also presented in a few sentences on the back) which met at a conference in Istanbul in March 2012 and whose members are defying the migration regime on both sides of the EU’s external borders and beyond. Sixty activists from fourteen countries participated in the exchange meeting; the map is a product of this transnational network. Continue reading

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July 2012: Nobordercamp Cologne/Dusseldorf against Frontex Charter-Deportations

A nobordercamp took place in Cologne/Dusseldorf between 13th and 22nd of July 2012. The main focus of protests during the camp was the airport in Dusseldorf because of its role for charter-deportations to Serbia and Kosovo. Financed by Frontex and organized with planes from Air-Berlin first of all Roma-families are affected by these deportations and find below a short report about our protests inside and outside the airport on 21st of July as the final big action of the nobordercamp.


„Deportations make us barfing!“

Charter-deportation-airport Dusseldorf transformed into a protest-zone Continue reading

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Anti-Frontex Days: May 18-23, Warsaw, Poland

The Warsaw noborder collective and occupied social center Syrena invites all to a week of actions against Frontex and Euro Apartheid 2012. Throughout the week starting on May 18th we will engage in creative interventions in public space around Warsaw and various other activites, including film screenings, discussions, book presentations and concerts.

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Evros: Little girl and her grandfather missing after boat with immigrants is overturned

A 9-year-old girl and her grandfather have gone missing in their effort to cross the freezing Evros river from Turkey to Greece on a boat (with another nine sans papiers immigrants) which was overturned  Meanwhile, a boy of 3, child of sans papiers immigrants, was saved and is being kept at the University Hospital of Alexandroupolis. The boy is in a very good condition. The boy had been saved by a sans papiers immigrant and his compatriot, both of whom were arrested by the police in Orestiada. It is they who informed the police about a shipwreck with nine passengers.



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Frontex ‘reconsidering’ Evros operation

Failure of Greek authorities to set up migrant reception centers is jeopardizing mission

Officials of the European Union’s border monitoring agency Frontex are becoming increasingly frustrated with the failure of Greek authorities to contribute to their illegal immigration crackdown efforts at the Turkish border and are considering suspending the operation, Skai understands.

According to the agency’s executive director, Ilkka Laitinen, EU member states that have been contributing to a Frontex operation in the border region of Evros with manpower and equipment are becoming reluctant to continue their efforts as Greek authorities have failed to set up new migrant detention centers as promised.

A report issued by the agency showed that detentions at the Greek-Turkish land border increased by 20 percent in October compared to the same month last year. A statement issued by Frontex referred to “an absolute monthly record of 9,600 illegal border crossings.” “Average detections were over 300 irregular migrants crossing that border on a daily basis,” it said. The agency attributed the “dramatic development” to a combination of factors including the absence of sufficient detention facilities both in Greece and Turkey and the lack of adequate agreements for the readmission of immigrants from specific countries of origin.

Source: Ekathimerini


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More dead immigrants in Evros river where Frontex is active since one year now…

The bodies of two sans papiers migrants were washed ashore on Wednesday on the banks of the Evros river, northeastern Greece, on the Greek-Turkish borders. The first body was identified to be that of an 18 year-old Pakistani man and the other possibly of Asian nationality. According to initial police estimations, the two young men drowned while attempting to cross the river in order to enter into Greece from Turkey. Another sans papiers migrant’s body was discovered on Tuesday in a farming area near Orestiada, close to Evros river.
Fuck you Frontex! As said in a former statement:
Frontex: Blood on your hands, now also in Evros region. In the end, not really surprising… Oh, you are just a coordinator?! What do you guys in Warsaw and at the border think, whose cameras and patrols forced the dead to hide themselves so long and so far from urban terrain that they froze to death?
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Today, the nobordercats crossdressed the monument of the borderguard and his german shepdog in Svilengrad (Bulgaria). “This is an action aignst Frontex”, explaned nobordercat Matze. Frontex is the EU border agency, which was established to tackle the so called “illegal migration”. The Frontex officers already arrived in Bulgaria. They train the bulgarian border police to build up fortress europe. Frontex is also operating with RABITS – Rapid Border Intervention Teams – for example at the turkish/greek border. They are hunting refugees.

Nobordercat Felicitas explains: “Rabbits instead of RABITS”.

Freedom of movement! NO BORDER!







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No Border Camp in Bulgaria: 25th to 29th of August 2011

From 25th to 29th of August 2011 a Nobordercamp will take place in the borderregion between Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey.

Following the EU eastward expansion, countries like Bulgaria and Romania are progressively cracking down on those that try to cross their borders and rampantly working against freedom of movement. The Bulgarian government’s current target date for joining the Schengen agreement is 2012. The border control between Bulgaria and Turkey is cited as the biggest problem Bulgaria is faced with in order for the country to join Schengen. Following the participation of Bulgarian border police in FRONTEX operations along the Greek-Turkish border, there is talk of extending the agency’s operations to the border between Bulgaria and Turkey.

These developments, together with the deterioration of the migrants’ situation in neighboring Greece, are the two immediate reasons for organizing a No Border camp at the border between Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey in the coming summer. The camp will run from the 25th August until the 29th of August 2011.

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