Bremen: Small action against the link between space research, military purposes and the FORNTEX war against refugees

General Motors of the European Army and Border Surveillance (EABS) says „Thank you“ to the space researchers at the COSPAR 2010 in Bremen.

COSPAR is a big meeting of up to 3000 space researchers from all over the world that took place in Bremen this month. It was mainly financed by the Bremen based multinationals OHB and EADS who are involved in European satellite programs like GMES or SAR-LUPE that are used by the German army and also by FRONTEX in the war against refugges.

„Thank you for your collaboration in our fight against terrorists, pirates and illegal immigrants. Your science – our wars!“ the General adressed the researchers. His soldiers handed out greeting cards to the participants that show some places in Bremen, a boat with refugees and a vessel of the marine. The action was part of the campaign against the involvement of universities, companies and state funds in Bremen in the war against refugees.

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