Movement for the Human Rights Solidarity to the Refugees – Samos (Greece)

Press release:

For one more time on thursday 1/7/2010 50 refugees where transported for the detention center of samos to be deported. They where transferred to
the center of Aspropyrgos without having been informed that they will be
transferred or the reasons without Lawyers and without translators. For one more time the police the coast guard and frontex coordinate their actions and transferred illegaly also a minor of 15 years with health problems. Who gives the permission to frontex to be inside the detention centers and collects informations from the refugees and decides about their nationalities and their deportation?

In the same way like the Greek Government accepts that the European Union and the International money fonds take decisions agiast the working greeks in the same way the greek Goverment has let the decisions about the future of the refugees to Frontex forgetting everything about
constitution and conventions on human rights .

We are  denoucing this practises and unite our voyces with all humans
beings who act against this violations of human rights.

We are solidar with this people who where forced to abandon their countries and flee because of wars, poverty and desertation that causes the imperialistic atrocity. Those who produce  refugees, face the refugees as  criminals, without rights, without voice, without future.

The solidarity is our weapon.

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