Deportation by Frontex charter – a report

10th of March 2010, Paris – Lagos (Nigeria) with a stopover in Madrid/Spain – organized by France, coordinated by Frontex.

In a very old plane from EgyptAir were loaded:
From Norway: 8 Nigerians
From Denmark: 5 Nigerians
From France: 8 to 10 Nigerians
From the Netherlands: 1 Nigerian
In Spain: another 20 Nigerians

of whom 10 to 15 women and 2 or 3 children from the age of 8 or 9 years. From all the countries per deportee 3 own ‘escorts’ and from the Netherlands and France medical personnel.  All deportees were handcuffed, cuffs attached to the waist with a bodycuff, and feetcuffed, these attached with a strap to handcuffs. They were decuffed only just before arriving in Lagos. There was a delay in Madrid due to resistance of some of the 20 deportees when entering the plane. On the plane they did not recieve hot food, only bread and cheese, which was not enough. There was no television or radio during the flight. They were ‘released’, dumped at the cargo part of the airport in Lagos.

This report was made by R., one of the severely traumatized survivors of the fire at the Schiphol detention centre in 2005 when 11 undocumented migrants died. He was put in isolation in the detention centre one day before the deportation. When transported to Schiphol Airport, his hands were cuffed and attached to the waist with a bodycuff. At the airport he was also feetcuffed and then deported to Paris by private plane from Eastern Airways with 3 escort policemen and 1 doctor. His total journey Amsterdam-Lagos lasted nearly 24 hours. In Lagos he was put out of the plane without any medication or medical passport as promised to his lawyer by the dutch Department of Repatriation and Departure. He had recieved 50 euro for transport and first survival. Some deportees had recieved no money at all. One month after the deportation Ricky is still suffering from swollen ankles due to the cuffs and the rough treatment. He has no money for medical treatment.

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